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What age is considered to be minimal for playing in a casino?

Each country has its own attitude towards gambling. In some countries casinos are allowed, in some countries gambling is strictly prohibited. Here you will be told about the countries where gambling is officially allowed.

When did you play at an online casino for the first time?

Who can gamble?

Only citizens who have turned 18-21 years old can officially enter the casino. To verify their age, they will need to be identified.

Basic technical knowledge is a prerequisite. People who have basic information on how to make a deposit or how to withdraw money from Parimatch or another casino etc.

In addition, registers of players who cannot be admitted to gambling will be created. People addicted to the game, the so-called gambling addicts, will be able to write a statement in which they will give their consent to their non-admission to gambling establishments. Also, non-admission to gambling establishments can be initiated by relatives of gambling addicts, but the ban will come into force only with the direct consent of the player to such a measure. 

At the same time, gambling establishments that will allow addicts to gamble, despite the ban, will be obliged to pay their families 10 times the amount of the loss.

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Where can you play in a real casino and from which age?

New Zealand and Australia. In these countries gambling is only allowed in certain casinos. In Australia it is allowed to play at StarCityCasino – in Sydney, in Adelaide at Adelaide Casino. In New Zealand residents go to gamble at SkycityQueenstown, SkycityAuckland, SkycityHamilton. Visitors under the age of eighteen are not allowed to enter.

Bahamas. If you come to the Bahamas for vacation, you can play in different types of casinos. For example, in “floating casinos”, “luxury” casinos. Only eighteen-year-olds can visit gambling establishments on the islands.

Canada. In Canada the gambling business is officially legal and is actively flourishing. There are 55 legal casinos in operation where can you gamble. In Quebec people can play casinos after eighteen years of age. In British Columbia and Ontario, after the age of nineteen, they will receive admission to the gambling tables. Nova Scotia allows casino visits after twenty years.

China. In China gambling is only allowed in a special gaming zone in Macau. In all other states of China gambling is strictly prohibited. Macau is considered one of the largest gambling zones in the world. The country strictly monitors that casino visitors are at least eighteen years old.

Italy. In Italy gambling is only allowed in four casinos. Only persons who have reached the age of twenty-one can visit the gambling house.

Greece. In Greece it is allowed to gamble, place bets, visit casinos. Every year the gambling business brings substantial income to the country. Here they strictly refer to the rules for visiting the casino, letting in only those who are 23 years old.

Kazakhstan. Until recently, gambling was banned in the country. However, in 2002 a law was passed on the legal gambling business in the country. The state ensures that people under the age of 21 are not allowed to enter gambling houses.

Monaco. Monaco’s main income is its numerous gambling establishments. The main income for the country comes from the luxury casino Monte Carlo. After 18 years everyone can plunge into the world of gambling.

Lebanon. There is only one gambling establishment legally operating in Lebanon – the Casino duLiban. A Muslim country allows gambling after 21 years of age.

Netherlands. Gambling in the country was only recently allowed. At the moment, there are fourteen officially registered casinos in the country. Any visitor must prove that he or she is over 18 years of age by presenting an ID.

England, Portugal, USA, Sweden, Singapore, Germany. In these countries gambling has been allowed for a long time. All types of gambling are legal. There are many successful casinos that generate significant income for countries. And all new players can get Vavada casino no deposit bonus. In the United States the age limit ranges from 18 to 21, depending on state laws. European countries allow players after eighteen years of age, although some countries impose restrictions on casino visits up to 21 years.